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Reliable Rodent Control in Toorak

Are you struggling with the growing number of rats and mice in your home? Do you find rodent droppings and a stale smell whenever you open your cabinets? Looking for a reliable rodent control Toorak service? Melbourne Rodent Control is the solution to your problem. We have been providing effective rodent control services to people and helping them get rid of rats from their property.

Our extensive experience and trained professional team knows rodents thoroughly and use their weak spots to make them leave quickly and effectively. We ensure that once we have completed our rodent control treatment, your home or office becomes rat-free and comfortable and safe to live in.

Reliable Rodent Control Service


How to identify Rodent Infestation?

Once the rats have got inside your property, they will seek shelter and breed, increasing their population. Even if they know how to hide, there will be some telltale evidence of their existence. Here are some of the signs to help you spot a rat infestation:-

  • Footprints – Because rodents’ feet are very identifiable, you can quickly identify them, especially if their nest is in a dirty location like the basement or attic.
  • Teeth Marks – Rats cause damage to everything they come across, gnawing on pipes, paper, rubber items, power cables, and nylon bags. Their nibbling marks are very visible.
  • Scratching Noise – Rats are very active at night, and if you stay awake, you can hear them scratching.
  • Nasty Smell – When a large number of small animals live, breed, excrete, die, and decompose on your property, you will undoubtedly notice a foul odour.
  • Rat Urine and Droppings — Rat urine has a strong nasty odour, and their droppings are oval, like an olive.
  • Holes and Tunnels– If you notice little holes or burrows in the ground or along the wall, you may have a rodent infestation.

Common Rodent Types Seen in Toorak

It is vital to identify and understand the type of flea that has been affecting your pets. This information can assist you in selecting the appropriate flea control service. The following are the most frequent flea species:
Fleas found on your property or in your house:

Black Rat

Black rats are common,y known as roof rats, and mostly eat grains, cereals, fruits and food items. They live up to 1 year and have a distinguishable dropping shaped like a spindle. These rats have black, brown or grey-coloured fur and are renowned for their great climbing capacity.

Brown Rats

Brown rats, often known as Norway rats, have remarkable burrowing and swimming abilities. These rats are heavier and appear larger because they eat protein and carbohydrate-rich foods like nuts, fish, earthworms and weeds. Their banana-like droppings make them distinguishable.

House Mouse

House mice can build their home both outdoors and indoors. These grey or brown rats have pointed noses, furry ears, and long bodies. House mice eat animal feed, grains, cereals, nuts and fruits, and can be identified by their small spindle-shaped droppings.

Rodent Removal Treatment Process

The rodent removal Toorak process followed by our professionals is divided into four stages to ensure a healthy and safe environment at your home:-

Assessment of the property 

After you contact us about your rodent infestation problems, our licenced Rat Removal Experts in Toorak will come to your home for a complete inspection. During the examination, they will determine the type of rat, the extent of the infestation, and the affect on the property.

Mouse Removal Plan

We will build a tailored pest treatment to restore the health of your surroundings based on the findings of the inspection. The treatment plan will specify the type of rat or mouse removal treatment to be utilised, as well as the desired outcome, the processing timeline, and any instructions specified for the property. We will share the treatment process with you before beginning the rodent control treatment in Toorak.

Treatment Process

Our Rodent Removal Experts Toorak will perform the process as planned. Fumigation, rodenticides, traps, bristle strips, adhesive boards, and other techniques are commonly employed. Because we care about our clients, their loved ones and the environment, we prefer to give non-chemical treatment options.

Prevention advice

We just don’t leave after the treatment process is complete. We even make sure that the rat infestation doesn’t happen again so share some tricks and advice on keeping rats away from your property.

How to make sure rodents don’t reappear?


To ensure that your property doesn’t have rats, mice, and rodents, you must employ ongoing preventative techniques. The most important step is to keep the property clutter-free and regions where unwanted goods are piled need to be sorted. Given below are some suggestions and improvements to do to ensure that rats don’t come back even after you hire a Mice Control Toorak agency. :-

Fill up the Holes, Gaps and Cracks:

Rats can fit through openings approximately the size of a quarter. So, look for any cracks or openings in your house and cover them with cement, caulk, plaster, steel wool, or hardware cloth.

Food and garbage cans should be covered:

Rats are incredibly resourceful, and they may readily find food on your property. As a result, you should be cautious when interacting with them. Food should be covered and stored correctly, rubbish should be disposed of regularly, spilt food should be cleaned quickly, pets should be fed before dusk, and pet food should not be stored outside.

Remove Clutter and Keep Your Home Clean:

Remove any dirt, clutter, or garbage from your property because it could serve as a breeding ground for insects.

Call The Professional rodent removal service:

You should always prefer calling a professional rodent removal Toorak service instead of DIY. We can remove rodents from your property safely and effectively.

Why you need to hire Rodent Removal Toorak Service?

Rats are a common pest that is popular for spreading diseases and are causing damage to household items and property. Unfortunately, rat removal Toorak is a very difficult task to complete, as they multiply at a very fast rate and therefore within no time you will see them growing in numbers. Here are some other reasons why you need to get a mouse removal Toorak service as soon as you see a sign of rats on your property:-

  • Rats cause damage to household items like food packets, electrical appliances, clothes and even sofa, etc.
  • They may even chew electrical wiring and cause a safety hazard.
  • Rats and rodents even make the structure of the buildings weak by digging burrows below them.
  • They act as a breeding ground for pests like ticks, lice and fleas.
  • Rats also transmit deadly diseases.
  • They even damage the wallpapers and insulation.
  • Rat bites may also cause serious health conditions like Hantavirus and leptospirosis.

Due to all these reasons, it’s very important to call a mouse control Toorak service and remove rat infestation from your home as quickly as possible. Call Melbourne Rodent Control to ensure the safety of your family and employees!

Why our Rodent Removal Toorak service is the best?

We believe in working towards completing our aim of ensuring a unique and reliable rodent removal Toorak service to our customers. Given below are some other points on why our rodent removal service is the best choice for your property:-

  • Same-day services
  • Certified and experienced Mouse Control Toorak professionals
  • Safe and quick Rat Control Toorak services
  • Fair and upfront prices
  • Professional service
  • Emergency pest control service

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We all love mickey mouse but the idea of a mouse running through your house or office is certainly not a good idea. So, if you see any sign of a rat then it’s time to call us! We provide guaranteed results and ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free Mice Control Toorak service experience. Make your home rat-free!

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1. How do do rat removal?

Either you can try and attempt to get rid of rodents on your own or hire a Rat Control Toorak service professional. If you even spot one mouse or rat on your property, you need to buy a trap or set a bait and keep it at a place where the mouse is seen usually. It may take days for the mouse to get trapped. If you are lucky, rodent may get trapped in one day too. Another method is to hire a professional rodent removal service. It will ensure that effective rodent control Toorak treatment will be done to clear your home of all rodents.

2. What is the cost to get rodent control treatment done?

Melbourne Control Toorak’s costs for both in or around your property are determined by a variety of factors. You may need to pay more if the region infested by rats is too large. Contact a pest control company to inspect your property and get a free quote for the rodent removal process to get an accurate estimate for removing rodents. To sbook an appointment for a rodent control Toorak inspection, contact Rodent Removal Toorak. We’ll be at your door, evaluate the area extensively, and give you an estimate based on the severity of the rodent .

3. What are the methods for rodent removal from your property?

There are two ways to effective rat removal on your property:-

  • Mouse Baits
  • Mouse Traps

If there is a rat infestation in your property then you need to book a rat removal service to inspect the severity. A rodent control Toorak expert can find out how much the infestation is, how many days treatment will take and which treatment method will be most suitable for your situation. If the number of mouse is not much, then traps can be used but if it’s serious then you need to use mouse baits.

4. When do they become most active? 

During the beginning of autumn and winter, they normally seek warmth and refuge.

They may emerge during the day in quest of food or water, despite being nocturnal.

5. Why do you see rodents despite taking preventative measures? 

If you still find them in your home after securing your food and clearing out clutter, the infestation has most likely grown since you last checked. It’s possible that the mouse still has an open entry point in your house that you haven’t discovered yet. If this is the case, a removal treatment service should be called.

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